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profile_fraleighThomas Fraleigh // President x Founder

Vivariant has presented a unique opportunity to fuse my passions for life sciences, and plants with my experience in the testing industry to improve quality and safety in the emerging Canadian cannabis sector. I’m happy to be back in Canada having spent the last five years managing the contract manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostic tests with Sigma-Aldrich, before which I worked on HPLC – mass spectrometry analysis of small molecule plant hormones in an analytical chemistry lab in Saskatoon, SK. I have laboratory experience with plant genetic transformation using Agrobacterium rhizogenes, plant tissue culture, soil microbiology, and molecular biology. I like to tinker with design and electronics and have way too many houseplants.

Twitter: @tfraleigh


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Dallas Takeuchi // Quality Manager

I spent 26 years working at the Ministry of the Environment primarily performing organic analyses by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry of residual solvents, PAHs, Pesticide, PCBs, Dioxins/Furans and co-planar PCBs analyses. I was on the team that began the Drinking Water Testing Laboratory Inspection Program under the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act. I have also been an Assessor of Quality Systems for 25 years, assessing laboratories to ISO Guide 25, ISO/IEC 17025 and have evaluated laboratories from Sidney, British Columbia to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I am looking forward to this experience with the Cannabis industry by serving the role of Quality Manager at Vivariant. I am a firm believer in First Principles and understanding the science behind laboratory work.

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Angélica Gordon // Chief Analytical Chemist

Learning is my life’s passion, and I love to learn by doing. In Colombia, with Primoris Laboratory (formerly Fytolab) my colleagues and I put together and ran a new ISO 17025 pesticide testing laboratory screening South American produce for over 200 types of pesticides.  Prior to joining Vivariant, I was a process engineer for The 3M Corporation involved in scaling up a new manufacturing plant for personal protective equipment. Canada is my new home. With the new Cannabis industry comes an excellent opportunity for learning and to apply my skills so this is the place for me to be! In my free time, I like to read about political history or science but will always have a place for the magic realism of Gabo’s 100 Years of Solitude.


Anand Thota // Chief Microbiologist

My Role at Vivariant is to develop and maintain laboratory processes for microbial testing of cannabis products. I previously worked at Eurofins Experchem for eight years performing a variety of microbiological testing in a GMP/GLP environment. I have worked on-site with many Cannabis cultivators monitoring microbes in growing environments and water quality testing. I see a great opportunity at Vivariant as the Cannabis industry continues to grow in Canada and wanted to take a leadership role in this fast-paced industry. I am passionate about health and wellness and when I’m not at work, I can be found in the kitchen cooking or sweating at the gym. I also love to watch movies, documentaries and read on a variety of different topics.

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Paul Kellendonk // Manager, Operations & Administration

As Manager of Operations & Administration at Vivariant Laboratories, Inc., I am responsible for strategic planning, facility design, and oversight. On a mission to create a seamless customer experience, I am dedicated to improving and creating a collaborative, team culture. Before taking on this role, I worked in consumer engagement and team leadership as the Assistant Manager for Marketing & Brand Development (Global Retail Events) at Estée Lauder/MAC Cosmetics. When I’m not busy keeping the lab online, you can find me hiking the oak ridges moraines with my dog, or cooking with friends.

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