Submit a Sample

Our e-commerce page is presently configured for cannabis customers to submit their samples online.

For customers in all other sectors, please contact us and someone will assist you with your submission.

We accept samples from everyone. Individuals without medical cannabis authorization or a Cannabis Act license are limited to 30 grams of dried flower or equivalent (150 grams of fresh cannabis, 300 grams of cannabis oil, 7.5 grams of concentrate, 300 grams of cannabis topical and/or 300 of cannabis edible) per submission. Customers with a valid Cannabis Act license may submit as much material as necessary.

To submit a sample, add the test of your choice to your shopping cart and checkout. A copy of our Sample Submission Instructions and a Chain of Custody form will be sent with your order confirmation email. A copy of chain of custody form signed in ink, must be included in your shipment.

Ensure that all samples are appropriately labeled. In order to meet Canada Post guidelines for transport of cannabis, samples must be packed in a manner that is “odour-proof, tamper-proof and leak-proof with anonymous outer packaging without any marking or advertising that indicates what’s in the package“.

Once the shipment arrives, a representative will confirm receipt of your sample(s) and it will be released for testing. Unless otherwise requested, results will be communicated via email to the contact information provided on the chain of custody form.

View our:  Refund Return Shipping Policy

If have questions or need assistance with sample submission we are here to help

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