Toronto, September 05, 2018 – Vivariant Laboratories Inc. – (the “Company” or “Vivariant”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Anand Thota to the role of Chief Microbiologist. Before joining Vivariant, Anand held the position of Senior Microbiologist at Eurofins Experchem performing a variety of microbiological testing techniques on Cannabis in a GMP/GLP environment. He has worked directly on site with several Cannabis industry clients monitoring environmental conditions for microbes in growing environments as well as water quality projects.

“Anand has a significant amount of experience in microbiology testing of Cannabis,” President Thomas Fraleigh said. “In addition to his technical skill, Anand is also proficient with quality management in a GLP testing lab making him a great asset for a lab in development.”

In the role, the Chief Microbiologist will be responsible for setting up, validating, and conducting microbiological testing methods in an ISO/IEC 17025 environment per the European and United States Pharmacopeia using a combination of culture-based and biochemical techniques.

“With Anand taking this role and Angélica Gordon assuming the role of Chief Analytical Chemist earlier this spring, Vivariant has now filled the two lead scientific roles for our testing operations” Mr. Fraleigh stated.

Vivariant is currently Licensed Dealer applicant #6-1114 with Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances.

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