Lab Testing for Canadian NHPs

This page outlines laboratory testing considerations for Canadian manufacturers of Natural Health Products (NHPs).

The NHP framework is the system by which supplements are regulated in Canada. It covers aspects such as regulatory approval,  manufacturing and product label claims.

Our GMP and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory assists clients with their quality control testing for these products. Quality control tests are conducted on each batch of product to ensure that they meet the acceptance criteria defined in the product specifications. These could be related to purity and accurate dosing (“assay”) of the active ingredients as well as tests for contaminants such as pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, residual solvents and more. Quality control tests may also be conducted on raw materials prior to the manufacture of the product such as identity tests, contaminant testing, and verification of supplier CofAs. Some tests, like preservative efficacy testing, are just done once per product formulation.

How do you know what tests to run?

There is no “canned” list of tests to be run, it depends on what the product is made of and how it is made. Health Canada provides a guide on how to determine this based on the product’s characteristics. This document is called the Quality of Natural Health Products Guide.

Vivariant can assist producers of NHPs with the following tests from the Quality of Natural Health Products Guide:

  • Assay of active ingredients
  • Contaminant testing for heavy metals, microbial, pesticides, residual solvents and more
  • Probiotic enumeration
  • Nutritional information analysis
  • Batch testing the levels of each active ingredient in the finished product
  • Preservative efficacy / antimicrobial effectiveness
  • Identity testing for input materials
  • And more!

Contact us to learn how to keep your Natural Health Product in compliance with Heath Canada requirements.

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