Toronto, September 16, 2018 – Vivariant Laboratories Inc. – (the “Company” or “Vivariant”) is pleased to announce the submission of it’s Analytical Testing license application in Health Canada’s new Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS).

“Health Canada informed us that due to our previously submitted Licensed Dealer (LD) application (#6-1114), Vivariant would be given early access to the CTLS to submit any new license applications under the forthcoming framework.” President Thomas Fraleigh said from the company’s site in Mississauga. “This allowed us to submit an early application for the new analytical testing license under the Cannabis Act before the rest of the country has access to the application portal post-October 17th, 2018. We are optimistic that this will place us in a favorable timeline for license review.”

The licensing requirements to operate a Cannabis Testing Laboratory in Canada are currently undergoing a shift as the country moves from the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) framework to the Cannabis Act. Presently, a laboratory that tests Cannabis is required to have a Licensed Dealer Permit issued by the Office of Controlled Substances.

“In November 2017 it was announced that the LD permit requirement for a Cannabis testing lab was going away, to be replaced by a new “Analytical Testing” class of permit under the Cannabis Act,” Mr. Fraleigh said. “We took a risk and chose to focus resources on submitting a Licensed Dealer application despite the changing regulatory landscape. The risk paid off as our valid LD application has fast-forwarded our Analytical Testing license application under the Cannabis Act.”

Vivariant’s Analytical Testing License Application number is APP-SW4YAAJRQF-2018.

Vivariant’s Licensed Dealer application #6-1114 will remain under review by the Office of Controlled Substances until October 17th, 2018. Should Vivariant receive approval for this Licensed Dealer application beforehand, it will automatically convert into an Analytical Testing under the new legislation. Otherwise, the company will be in advanced standing for review of its Analytical Testing license application # APP-SW4YAAJRQF-2018 after October 17th.


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